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Just months after the birth of her second daughter, actress Jessica Alba is adding the title of entrepreneur to her résumé, and launching a line of eco-friendly baby products.

Alba, along with Christopher Gavigan, father of two and former CEO of the nonprofit Healthy Child, Healthy World, founded The Honest Company, an online store that offers diapers, wipes, and household items that claim to be safer for babies and less harmful to the environment than most name brands.

In an interview with Forbes, Alba claims her the inspiration for the line came after learned how many toxic chemicals were used in the manufacturing of common household items and baby goods. After being unable to find anything that met her mommy criteria, Alba teamed up with Gavigan to create products that are non-toxic, safe, cute, easy to purchase and affordable.

Last May, while her The Honest Company was still in development, she even took her case to Washington D.C. in support of the Safe Chemicals Act, and was quoted in Reuters saying:

Even government officials aren’t aware that chemical companies don’t have to test their chemicals before they sell them to product companies. They can just put them in there, and we are the guinea pigs.”

The line isn’t available in stores but rather through an online subscription service where parents can purchase a month’s supply of diapers, to be delivered straight to their door, for about $80. According to the website, with every purchase The Honest Company will also donate to Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that helps families in need.

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